Project 3

Project 3  Cellular Legos

Plant and animal tissues bring different cells together to accomplish new tasks. Why limit ourselves to those tissues that currently exist? We are working to build a standardized set of molecular interactions that can be used to link different cell types, including from different species or kingdoms, into larger structures, taking advantage of the natural self-organizing properties of cells.
This project aims to create the practical and theoretical tools necessary to build multiple cell types and organisms into multicellular structures capable of performing specific functional tasks. Examples of research areas that would fit into the Cell Legos project include:
  • Methods for controlling physical constraints of tissue growth
  • Controlling tissue shape by engineering self-organization
  • Efforts to reveal principles of self-organization that can be used for engineering applications
  • Controlling cell number or tissue size through self-organization
  • Engineering or understanding cell-cell communication
  • Controlling collective cell behaviors or decision making