Project 4

Project 4  The Living Bioreactor

The Living Bioreactor project builds on the concept of the cell as a chemical factory, and seeks to improve the production of useful chemical products by re-engineering the physical structure of the cell, for example by changing the volume and surface area of organelles that encapsulate key modules of biochemical pathways of interest.
This project aims to harness our ability to specify the organization of intracellular and multicellular structures to implement an entirely new approach to metabolic engineering or materials synthesis. Examples of research areas that would fit into the Living Bioreactor project include:
  • Engineering organelle internal environment
  • Engineering organelle structure/size/shape/number
  • Engineering organelles to make a specific molecule/product
  • engineering or understanding the relationship between organelle structure and internal environment
  • Studying or engineering organelle dynamics and self-organization
  • Engineering non-enveloped organelles
  • Studying existing organelles to identify engineering principles that we can control
  • High-throughput method for engineering/screening organelle structure/function