NSF STC Program

National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center (STC) Program

President Ronald Reagan proposed the creation of Science and Technology Centers (STCs) by federal agencies in his 1987 State of the Union address to stimulate research and development in the U.S.  The National Science Foundation responded with a competition to fund a series of centers, to support innovative, potentially transformative research and education programs, large in scale and in vision.

All NSF STCs involve integrated programs of research, education, knowledge transfer, public outreach and enriched diversity, and bring people from different backgrounds together to work on critical real world problems. Connections and collaborations supported by these multi-disciplinary awards makes possible results that could never be conceived of or achieved by an individual member of the team working alone.

Our Center is one among four that were funded in October 2016.

See UCSF Press Release and interview with Professor Wallace Marshall - https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2016/09/404366/nsf-funds-blue-sky-bioengineering-center-be-based-ucsf

link to official NSF STC web site

NSF STC in Profiles of Team Science, 2012 (Deborah Illman, Univ. of Washington)