Wendell Lim at Genentech Hall UCSF
April 15, 2020

Read "Startup Science: How the Idea for Synthetic Cells Took Silicon Valley By Storm" by Dan Frost, a featured article on Wendell Lim's work.

UCSF Magazine

Wendell LIm with Nano Robots
April 10, 2020

Wendell Lim has been selected to give the 34th George Streisinger Memorial Lecture, in recognition of his contributions to science.

Nathan Hendel
November 05, 2019

Nathan Hendel, from Wallace Marshall's Lab at UCSF, is honored with the Herbert Landahl Mathematical Biophysics Student Excellence Award.

October 27, 2019

Barbara Jones, from Simone Bianco's lab at IBM, was selected by the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences for a Fellowship Award. This award recognizes her achievements in science and in promoting women and minorities in STEM fields.